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about us

The Laikipian

The Laikipian_Art For Conservation Company is an environmental education enterprise that uses the transformative power of art to develop educational materials that create awareness for climate change, biodiversity and human society challenges and opportunities. 

At The Laikipian, we believe that creativity is at the core of sustainability. Our creative art aims to engage, inform and spark innovation on our collective outlook to re-imagine existing business models and lifestyles to be more environmentally conscious and create a world in which the ecosystems sustain all life - people as well as plants and animals - are valued and endure for generations.

Our art for environmental education runs a project dubbed “Fahamisha” which is Swahili name for ‘To inform’ and has various art platforms that offers different perspectives:Nexus Dicey board game on climate change and biodiversity, Nature Alphabets, Hunt Me Not conservation comic series, environmental education posters and ‘Let’s Go Wild’ kids colour book to raise awareness on conservation fused with aspects of human way of life.

Humanity’s existence is inextricably linked with nature and this relationship between humans and nature is a complex web that is mostly not well understood. As a result, resources and services humans depend on from nature, the air we breathe,food & fresh water, pollination,absorbing carbon, recreation etc,are often taken for granted. 

Scientists warn that ignoring human driven Climate Change and biodiversity loss will yield "untold suffering" for humanity. In recent times, the climate crisis, accelerated loss of wildlife and plant species, and other environmental issues are fueling anxiety of an uncertain future and are transforming life as we know it today, the way we live with the risk of collapsing economies and societies. But all hope is not lost.The aspirations of around 7.5 billion lives have a window of opportunity for swift action to turn the tides before it is too late.

Arts for environmental education aims to simplify the complex web and connect humanity with nature to understand our responsibility, make informed decisions on reducing our harmful activities and adapt to a changing future. Indeed Humans are part of the problem but also part of the solution if they are continuously engaged and well informed to help find a safe path for humans to build harmony with nature

Art has existed for almost as long as mankind and can almost be considered a universal language, in that it can easily speak to a range of people from different ethnic and lingual backgrounds. As said by Magdalena Abakanowicz, “Art does not solve problems but makes us aware of their existence. It opens our eyes to see and our brains to imagine”.

This makes art a vital tool when trying to convey a global message and inspire a transnational, concerted effort for nature and our environment. Furthermore, art can be enjoyed by people of a variety of ages. The Fahamisha project art designs are in such a way that they can be enjoyed by a range of audiences, kids, youth and adults whether they can read or not, driving a wave towards sustainable choices.

Hinged on effective and enduring collaborations, The Laikipian aims to raise awareness and educate people via art by persistently working with other stakeholders in developing client tailored education materials which has seen it produce a two part fascinating comic series on Human-Elephant conflict dubbed “Mending Fences” for Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF). We have also artistically designed interactive environmental educational posters for Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Save the Elephants and Mt. Kenya Trust and also illustrations for a Kikuyu cultural Diary. 


What we do

Nexus Dicey

A boardgame to educate about the environment


Using comic art to present solutions for conservation

Nature Alphabet

Artistic African representation of the alphabet and numerical letters