Nature Alphabet


Nature Alphabet

Nature Alphabets - Alphabets for Biodiversity & Climate Change (ABCs)

Humanity's existence is inextricably linked with nature. Resources and services humans depend on from nature, the air we breathe, food & fresh water, pollination,absorbing carbon, recreation etc, are often taken for granted.  

Since the Industrial Revolution, the human species “language” has been more of a socio-economic and technological pursuit at the expense of nature leaving a trail of unimaginable destruction in the ecosystems and major impacts being witnessed from change in climate. 

There is an urgent need for humanity to build understanding and connection with nature before it is too late. Businesses need to remodel with a key aim to improve society and protect the environment.To help bridge this gap, there is a need to reshape the  socio-economic & technological “language” to incorporate nature “language” in all spheres of human society interactions to help bolster the Sustainable Revolution.

Using art we have designed unique Nature themed Alphabets to give nature a voice and create interactive experiences with users and remind humanity that economic, social and technological progress must occur in harmony with nature. Nature Alphabets is a set of realistic illustrations depicting a wide variety of wildlife and other species across the globe, some in their natural habitats. 

Our initial Nature Alphabets sets A-Z are on mammals, aquatic, birds and insects with more on the way deriving inspiration from nature and our environment. Each letter is associated with a wild animal { C-Cheetah} and uniquely designed from the first letter of the animal to create Nature ABCs.

Nature Alphabets sets aim to be a point of contact and reflection for humans to fix our connections to nature where human needs are met in harmony with nature. The letters aim to raise awareness that each species comes with benefits that contribute to the well being of humanity and by protecting and restoring our biodiversity we are insuring nature services that contribute to the  quality of life on our planet for present and future generations.

Nature based artistic letters introduce a unique nature font to the writing system for environmental awareness via classroom charts, emails signatures, social media chats, social media profiles,apps, branding and many more to create a daily visual connection of humanity with nature from each letter.

The letters from the Alphabets sets can be placed on  templates and apps to create words and sentences depending on the end user's needs.