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Nature Alphabets is a set of realistic illustrations from our natural environment depicting a wide variety of wildlife and other species, some in their natural habitats across the globe to form the Nature ABCs Font.

Humans are one species among millions striving to live in harmony in a delicate balance. Most of the species are unknown and invisible to humans, yet each species’ plays a fundamental role in nature and comes with benefits that contribute to the well being of humanity. 

In the face of climate crisis and biodiversity collapse we can’t afford to lose this vital connection. One million species of animals and plants are threatened with extinction. We humans need to take actions for other species to adapt and thrive. 

The Laikipian has uniquely designed wild species into letters using art to form the Nature A-Z Alphabet sets that gives a voice to nature. Nature ABCs introduces a new writing font to our spaces to educate, create awareness and inspire support for wild species conservation.

Nature ABCs letters will be used for environmental education and awareness via classroom charts, emails signatures, social media chats, social media profiles,apps, branding of products by companies, individual merchandise and many more to create a daily visual connection of humanity with nature from each letter.

The letters from the Alphabet sets can be placed on various templates and apps to create words and sentences depending on the end user's needs. Users can now download their favourite letters from our online shop.

Each letter in Nature Alphabets is minted as NFT with the principal purpose of environmental education and awareness via art to preserve our biodiversity and fund The Laikipian environmental education program dubbed Fahamisha swahili for “to inform” that promotes the need to protect the environment and also create new interactive educational materials that will inform individuals on existing and emerging environmental challenges and opportunities.

Nature ABCs  NFTs is more than just Artwork.  "Not The Typical NFT Collection!" Each letter is high-quality unique artwork with a story,purpose and high utility. Holders will have a letter in their wallet that would form a part of the nature writing font that gives nature a voice to educate and create awareness to preserve biodiversity. 

The First Sets of Nature Alphabets -Mammals A-Z & Aquatic A-Z  have been minted as NFTs  with a limited rare collection of only 26 wildlife themed letters for each set. This will be followed by birds and insects collection.  

It's undoubtedly a great art collection and asset to consider having in your wallet with each Letter  providing the Nature ABCs NFTs  holders accessibility to many benefits listed below:

  1. Nature ABCs NFTs holders will be holding a rare collection that is more than just art. Each iconic letter that will form part of nature writing font for environmental education and spreading awareness to preserve our biodiversity.
  2. Early access to Nexus Dicey Conservation board game on climate change and Biodiversity(Table top version for family & Friends) Shipping cost not included.
  3. NFT holder will support Nexus Dicey Ground version donation to at least 1 public school in Kenya to promote environmental education on climate change and biodiversity.
  4. NFT holder prefered logo or Name will be printed on the donated Nexus Dicey Ground version.
  5. Schools receiving the Nexus Dicey Ground Version donation will transform awareness into action and will plant and take care of 5 trees per class for the NFT holders. 
  6. A collection of photos of  Nexus Dicey Ground version with kids at play and planting trees will be posted on our website with a credit to the NFT holder.
  7.  The best photo of kids at play on a Ground  version board game or planting trees or taking care of trees will be illustrated into art and added to the NFT holder wallet as an appreciation to the first five NFT buyers.
  8. The first  NFT buyer will get the original prototype version of Nexus Dicey Board Game added in their wallet.
  9. NFT holders will Gain access to an exclusive membership-The Laikipian Club, with future access to all our environmental educational materials.
  10. Nature ABCs holders will enjoy future discounted prices of The Laikipian Merchandise.

To view our collection on OpenSea

Nature Alphabets Mammals A-Z Collection on OpenSea

Nature Alphabets Aquatic A-Z Collection on Opensea