About Nexus Dicey


about Nexus Dicey

About Nexus Dicey

Nexus Dicey is a climate change and biodiversity board game that places the player on a thrilling path to save the planet from extinction and reach Net Zero. As the players move through an inward spiral path in the game, they connect with the natural environment across the numbered boxes as they confront the real global environmental crisis unfolding under our eyes in the race to save the planet with an imminent threat of extinction looming on the horizon.

Nexus Dicey board game is played by having avatars represent players and rolling a 6-faced dice to move across the numbered boxes with players hoping luck will be on their side to land  on the green boxes as their race win and saves the planet. The Code Green and Code red boxes are learning steps to a path towards sustainable actions and reducing harmful activities that have devastating Impacts respectively.The wildlife in Nexus Dicey is a “game safari” to remind players to fiercely protect the planet not just for humanity but for rich biodiversity that supports our survival unknowingly.

 There is no Planet B, the ongoing downplay of the diverse relationship between nature and the survival of over seven billion people places our future in a dicey situation.

Players realize things aren’t looking good for mother nature as they suffer setbacks on landing on Code Red boxes with no easy way out from the environmental crisis and no one cure for all for the crisis that confronts humanity. Code green boxes give much desired hope for the player with tools to overcome the crisis and a path back to a safe planet. Players are left in a much more inclusive picture that nature calls for a lot of people working together with a lot of different localized ideas fused together with borrowed ideas to drastically cut, reduce emissions, adapt and restore ecosystems with their biodiversity. 

The Code green boxes reward the player to the green star box for positive sustainable actions that improve our relationship with the natural world and ultimately help achieve net-zero, restore ecosystems with their biodiversity saving the player from extinction after learning a much needed lesson.

Code red boxes penalizes the player down to red star box for engaging in or contributing to harmful activities that will have devastating impacts to the environment  and which may lead to the  tipping point where the player is eliminated from the game by landing on code red box 81.

NexusDicey alerts players to the reality to harmful activities that have put human out of balance  with nature such as pollution from fossil fuels, poaching,deforestation, natural disasters by being penalized with a risk of extinction and also presents practical solutions that rewards players to protect the environment such as tree planting, transition to renewable energies,circular economy, smart agriculture,water harvesting,activism, habitat conservation, wildlife corridors, eco-friendly transportation among others.

Nexus dicey is part of the Laikipian Art for conservation that simplifies the language of climate change, biodiversity and human society to a level people can engage with in their daily conservations for a concerted effort to address the global environmental crisis. 

Using the universal language of art that cuts across the language barrier that it can easily speak to a range of people from different ethnic and lingual backgrounds, The Laikpian places nature art onto a board game to create a fun-filled adventure learning path for players as they bond and interact with each other to be more environmentally conscious and undertake sustainable actions that reduce the harmful activities to the environment.

Nexus Dicey awakens players in a fun-filled adventure board  game to the real world environment crisis on causes and risks and equipping the player with knowledge on the solutions available to address the existential threat of climate change and biodiversity loss.The board game triggers players to be creative and think bigger and more out of the boxes to innovative  more sustainable solutions at local level while at the same time identify other harmful activities to the environment for redress.

A player wins the game by reaching box 100 which represents saving the planet and reaching Net-Zero. A player can also win by landing on Box 82 where the wildebeest migration crosses the player to box 100. 

Nexus Dicey board game  can be played indoors or outdoors by children, youths and adults and can be played by starters and expert level. The starter level plays the game through  luck of throwing dice while the expert level takes more than luck to win which makes the game more exciting and highly replayable by asking players environmental related quizzes when the player lands on the code green or red box. The quiz tests the player's knowledge on the environment which will determine whether a player will be rewarded to the green star box or not penalized to the red star box by answering the quiz question correctly.  

The Nexus dicey board game comes in two versions:Nexus Dicey Tabletop version and Nexus Dicey Ground version. The table top Version pawns represent the players in the game. While the Ground  version is printed and placed on the ground, approximately 10ft X 10ft where real people replaces the avatars with 2 players teaming-up to play with another team upto a maximum of 7 teams and comes with a package 8 dice.

Nexus Dicey is  not just fun and learning games for family and friends but is a powerful enlightening tool to sensitize employees  and also for teachers to educate  students. The games leave the players increasingly conscious of their impact to the environment.