Nexus Dicey Components


Nexus Dicey

Game Components

Code Box Number Themes Notes and Actions
Green Warrior 7-42 Mobile Technology Mobile Technology is key to protecting environment and tackling climate change through innovative solutions . Phone apps can helping users live sustainbly by helping users check eco-freindly products,track and reduce water usage, mointor our emissions, warn farmers about elephant herds, advocate for change and raise awarenss.Conscious purchases and recycling, repairing or reusing cell phones help the environment by saving energy and conserving natural resources.
Green Warrior 11-45 Climate-Smart Agriculture Climate-Smart Agriculture aims to help find new ways to adapt and thrive under climate change with goals to sustainably increase agriculture productivity and income equitably,Helping food systems and farming livelhoods be more resilient (adaptation), reduces/removes GHGs (mitigation) where possible. Practices can be, optimizing use of farm inputs,reduced tillage,agroforestry,mixed farming systems,increased capture and storage of carbon in the soil or vegetation.
Green Warrior 15-72 Giraffe in Natural habitat Conservation of biological diversity and protecting wild areas is critical for resilient eco-system and for humans who are dependent on host of ecosystems services for our well being.
Green Warrior 19-51 Water Conservation Water harvesting ,storage and efficient use such as recycling water,avoiding wastage by taking short shorter showers, turning of taps when doing the dishes or brushing your teeth and repairing leaky taps/pipes will help in conserving water.
Green Warrior 23-55 Ubuntu-People sillouhette Together we can make a difference if we act now- call for climate justice, March for change, push corporate and elected leaders to act now.
Green Warrior 28-58 Wind Power energy Switching to renewable energy sources will help cut emssions from use of fossil fuels. Other sources of renewable energy are hydro & geothermal
Green Warrior 30-59 Smart waste Management Proper waste disposal requires the separation of waste at the source making it easy to collect,dipose and manage.
Green Warrior 34-61 Solar energy Transiton to solar power copuled with continued innovation in energy storage and switiching to energy-efficient houslehold appliances and LED light bulbs will help cut carbon emissions and support energy resilience.
Code Red 37-2 Ocean Pollution Plastic & other pollution in the Ocean is harmful to marine life as well as humans . Avoid single-use plastics & pick up your litter when you go to the beach and properly dispose of. Volunteer for cleanups at river and beach.
Green Warrior 38-65 Walking and Cycling Cycling,walking will reduce an individual's carbon emissions and help your health and fitness. For long distances you can board public transport.
Green Warrior 50-75 Reduce/Reuse/ Recycle Reduce the amount of waste you produce:-{ buy only what you need and reduce food waste,choose eco-freindly products) Reuse items as much as you can before replacing them:-{Use reusable bags/bottles instead of disposable ones/single-use plastic}Recycle items{glass bottles,cans, papers,cardboards etc wherever possible}. Using more reusable and renewable resources will reduce the amount of energy used to create new products and reduce waste on dumpsites
Code Red 57-26 WildFires Raise of temperature induced by Climate change increases the risk of hot, dry weather fanning wildlfires that are leaving a trail of devastating effects on human life, property and irreversible ecosystem shifts. We need to break the warming cycle by taking action now.
Green Warrior 66-85 Tree planting/ rewild Plant the right tree in the right place to help restore biodiversity, absorb carbon and support livelihoods.Tree growing initiatives must be well researched and planned
Code Red 70-9 Deforestation Deforestation and clearing grasslands reduce biodiversity, speeding extinctions and making ecosystems far less resilient.
Green Warrior 74-89 Wildlife corridors Wildlife corridors aid the movement of species between habitats for resources, such a food, water shelter and breeding areas reducing pressure on other ecosystems.
Code Red 76-21 Glaciers Melting Raise in global temperates is causing rapid melting of glaciers driving the raising of sea levels and threatening habitats for existing species.
Green Warrior 77-93 Electric vehicle Switching to electric vehicles will reduce the carbon emission to the atmosphere and have a net positive effect in the long haul. Opting for Carpooling will also help minimze your carbon footprint
Code Red 81-1 Tipping Point Tipping is a point in the game where a player is thrown out of the game and becomes extinct due to Consumerism which has a big effect on the environment as overconsumption is driving massive waste, emissions and pollutions and depletion of infinite resources.
Green Warrior 82-100 Wildebeest Migration If we protect nature it will take care of us and wildbeest migration gives the player one of the safe ways to win the game.Healthy ecosystems and survival go hand in hand.
Code Red 88-13 Rhino and Elephant poaching Poaching endangers species and puts the envrioment in risk. Poaching is mainly driven by selfish desire for animal products like ivroy, bones,teeth,skin,organs,horns,fur among others
Code Red 94-64 Floods Raging flood waters driven by Climate change result to loss of life, migrations and destruction that’s creates economic hardship. The right mix of flood measures varies from region to region but early flood warning systems, dikes,modifying buildings and nature-based solutions are some of the measures
Code Red 97-40 Industrial pollution Human-made pollution through the burning of fossil fuels like coal, crude oil & natural gas are the main carbon emitters in the atmosphere. Dependency on fossil fuels contributes to serious health and environmental threats.We need to cut our emissons in half by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050
Code Red 99-6 Drought Droughts risks food and water supplies taking toll on humans and wildlife with potential to conflicts over scarce resources.
Green Warrior 100 Save thePlanet and Reaching Net Zero The first player to reach 100 wins the games and helps the other players in goal of saving the Planet and reaching Net Zero