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Nexus Dicey

How to Play Nexus Dicey

Nexus Dicey is a science-based environmental board game on climate change and biodiversity. The game setup is a backdrop of our planet, where all seven continents are dealing with different environmental challenges whose effects are local and transboundary. The players experience the real effects of climate change and get the opportunity to undertake activities that contribute to the health of the planet in a fun-filled way. Along the pathway, players will engage in real-time climate issues that are affecting our planet today.

In a world faced with an existential threat of extinction players take the role of green warriors on a gruelling  journey around the planet through an inward anti-clockwise pathway with a goal to Save The Planet from extinction and attain Net Zero against all odds.

Players take turns rolling dice to move their avatars along the path of numbered boxes and encounter Kenya's most iconic wildlife species of conservation concern in the air, land and sea ecosystems.

Players have an early chance in the game to make conscious choices by taking on code green actions such as innovative technologies, climate-smart agriculture, habitat protection, water harvesting, transition to renewable energy and proper waste disposal that rewards and propels players ahead to the goal of securing a livable planet for all. 

But soon players discover they can’t maintain the trend as they find themselves in a human-driven environment crisis by encountering code red pitfalls of ocean pollution, melting ice caps, deforestation among others and players face setbacks that they have to outlive and get back on the right path.

As the players close in on the final stretch to save the planet, they realise the odds are not in their favour and their tolerance levels are put to test and get disrupted from their ultimate goal by suffering the devastating impact of natural disasters, fossil fuels emissions, poaching and even extinction. 

Frustrated and feeling guilty of the impacts resulting from some of their harmful activities and by large the betrayal of those causing endless environmental destruction that is beyond their control.Indeed, one person's action, or inaction can have an impact on another's, either positively or negatively. 

Despite some players taking hits from extinction, All hope is not lost. Remaining players overcome their anxiety and tread on by taking their best chances and accelerating green actions of planting trees, building wildlife corridors, adapting sustainable transport, reducing waste, recycling and reusing what they have to reverse the tide of environmental destruction for a livable planet.

As the window of saving the planet narrows in the final stretch of the game players brave through the pitfalls by navigating their path to the ultimate prize while hoping the grim threat of extinction doesn’t get in their way and luckily land on a code green the box with wildebeest migration which provides one of the safe paths to save the planet.

The player who will reach box 100 or net Zero will have helped save the planet and be carbon neutral.

The GREEN and RED boxes represent the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE environmental activities and the main themes Click here for detailed explanations for Code Green & Code Red Boxes. In the green box, the player is elevated to the box with a green star signifying that they have participated in a positive activity to save the planet. In the RED box, the activities negatively impact the environment and therefore the player is demoted to the box with the Red star to make another attempt to save the world. Players navigate the game by using Avatars to represent them on the game and they make moves by rolling a six-sided dice. Click here for detailed explanations for Code Green & Code Red Boxes. 



Goal: Environmental awareness through fun learning

Set-up: 1min

Players: 2-7

Length 30-50 minutes

Ages: 10+


Game components/contents- Table-top

  1. Table top Boardgame
  2. Eight Pawns (1 spare)
  3. Two dices (1 spare)

Game setup 

  1. Lay the board game on a flat surface indoors or outdoors
  2. Assign each player a pawn randomly - 7 Max. - one pawn is spare. 
  3. Place one dice on the game (One dice is a spare)
  4. Read out the rules 
  5. The more the merrier 


First step - All players roll the dice and the player with the highest score begins and the rest follow in that order. In the case of a tie, the first player to earn the tie goes first. 

Second step - Each player chooses their pawn: The beginner rolls the dice and places their pawn on the earned score on the board game. All players take turns and set their pawns on their earned score. 

Navigating the GREEN and RED boxes. 

Green boxes elevate: Once a player lands on a green box they are elevated to the box with a green star meaning they have taken positive actions that will help save the planet. 

Red boxes demote: If a player lands on a red box they are demoted to the box with a red star to signify a negative activity on the planet. 

How to win - meaning Save the planet 

Winning boxes 

Box 82 - automatic win as the wildebeest crosses you over to Box 100/net-zero - The first player to reach Box 100 saves the planets and is the winner. In case the player who scores more than 100 remains in the same box, wait for your next turn to try again.

Losing the game 

BOX 81 - Ultimate code red - A player is exited out of the game. If there were only two players the game ends. If there are more than two - the game continues with the rest of the players. 

The other players will continue playing unless there are two players in the game which would end the game and no one will have saved the planet.

Rules-Expert Level:

The expert level takes more than luck to win and involves an environmental-related quiz when playing the game. All the rules remain the same except when a player's pawn lands on the code red box a question is asked by the next player. If the answer is wrong the pawn slides back to the red star box. If the answer is right that pawn only takes one step back.

-When a player lands on the Code green square box a question is asked by the next player. If the answer is correct, that pawn elevates to the box with a green star. If the answer is wrong that pawn takes one step back.

Nexus Dicey Ground Version with TeamMates

  • This is a version of the game printed and placed on a large raised flat surface approx 10ft x 10ft. The rules remain the same both for starters and expert level with a slight difference on pawns and players.
  • On the ground version 2 players team-up to play with another team upto maximum of 7 teams and comes with a package 8 dices
  • The pawns are replaced by real players. One member of the team becomes the pawn while the other rolls the dice and neither can answer the quiz when playing the expert level.
  • The Nexus Dicey Ground version with teammates is ideal for public places such as: zoo, wildlife parks to visitors, schools especially during break time, malls, hotels, public libraries, public sports facilities.